Upcoming Reminders:

April 30th: 5th Sunday Worship Meal, Mission Trip Cake Auction Fundraiser

& Indentured Servant Auction

We proudly support the following:

Cookson Hill’s Children’s Home
County Jail ministries
Craig & Allison Fowler in Ethiopia
Duang Nga in Laos
The O’Donnell’s with Awana
Toby & Amy Hill in Honduras
Union Rescue

In the month of October, we celebrate something we call¬†Faith Promise! Faith promise is our annual missions drive where we bring in exciting speakers, decorate the church, and give God the glory for what He’s doing throughout the world with the organizations we support! Our missions organizations are parishioner supported, and donations and pledges are welcome year round!

Are you up to date on your Faith Promise? Why not catch up this Sunday?