The Seasons

Pastor Brandon Morrow preaches a sermon from Acts 18:12-23 talking about the Seasons of our lives.

The Unknown God

Pastor Jim Rackham discusses the unknown God in Acts 17:10-29.

Get A Clue

Pastor Jim Rackham continues the study on Acts with a special message from Acts 17.

Lessons from Lydia

Pastor Jim Rackham preaches through Acts 16:12-16 for our current series on Acts. Pastor Jim urges a believer towards their role in “conversion.”

Where are you going?

Pastor Brandon Morrow shares with the congregation a message from Acts 16:4-10, titled: Where are you going?


Stoned, Scared, and a Son

Pastor Jim preaches Stoned, Scared, and a Son to the congregation on January 18, 2015 over Acts 16:1-3.